The Beginning : We ALL Start Somewhere

Welcome to The Coastie Voice! We are so excited for our new beginnings! This site has been in our thoughts individually for a few years, and we are delighted, joyous, elated and pretty darn excited to collaborate and get this baby up and running!

We will be posting throughout the month to give you as much as we can find about helping YOU from family resources to employment opportunities for the Coast Guard. We understand the challenges, we are right there with you. We are willing, if you let us, be the voice for you and what you need. Because above all, we are a family.

For the month of September, in concurrence with with National Preparedness month we will be posting about how to prepare as a family – and how to stay prepared in the employment fields. In the meantime, watch for us on Facebook, and we will pass information as soon as we receive it!

Jennifer and Stacey

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