The Road To Finding Myself

A question has come up quite a few times in my years as a USCG spouse, how do you have a career? My answer has always been, I don’t. That is until recently. My name is Marcie Gray and my husband is a BM1 in the United States Coast Guard. He has served for 14 years and we have been stationed at five different units along the way. When we were married I had been working as a medical billing specialist for a general surgeon’s office. I had big plans to apply at the local hospital when we were transferred to our first station. I had experience and references ready and was excited to grow in my field of expertise. Those plans were put on hold when I was surprised to find out I was pregnant with our son. It was a high risk pregnancy with numerous hospital visits each week and my pre-natal care took precedence over finding a job. This was the moment where my career path came to a stalling halt.

When my son was born my first thought was to put him in daycare and get a job. That quickly went out the window when I realized I would, in actuality, be paying to work. My husband and I decided it was a better decision for me to be a stay at home mom until our little one was ready for kindergarten. I picked up odd jobs of babysitting neighbors children and delivering subpoenas for a company. I brought in a couple of dollars, but it was nothing that really helped with the bills.

I started to try and brainstorm ideas on how to help my husband pay the bills but was coming up short. One evening I went to a home party with a couple of lady friends for a cosmetic company. I loved the idea of a home based business and decided I was going into business. After having a few home parties and ordering thousands in product inventory I was getting nowhere and I quit. The next business venture I encountered was with a travel system. It cost a bit more to get started but, the promise was a six figure income so the high cost of investment felt worth it and we went for it. However cold calling and buying leads got me even more in debt and put a sour taste in my mouth about network marketing and being an entrepreneur. I did not give up and was bound to find something eventually. I became a photographer, made newborn photography props that shipped all around the world, designed digital backgrounds and even made homemade jams. My point is, I tried pretty much everything to make money from home. You name it I probably tried it.

After all the fruitless effort and negative results with home based businesses I vowed I would never even so much as look at doing another one. Not only did I not want to waste any more money or time but, I knew my husband would probably divorce me if I did. By this point ten years had flown by and I had nothing to show for it and getting a J.O.B was seriously difficult. The only experience I had was being a stay at home mom. This was a hard pill to swallow for me. I wanted to contribute badly to my family, but I wanted to be free to be there for my kids. There was no easy answer.

I ended up landing a job at a fitness facility close to home for minimum wage. They were willing to work with me so I was home for my kids and I got a gym membership to boot. I thought I had hit pay dirt. I wouldn’t make a whole lot, but it was a start plus I could work on my mommy body. It could use a little toning after having two kids, as I’m sure most moms can relate too, and I loved exercise and fitness. It was a no brainer for me and I accepted the position excited to work again….until I got my first paycheck. I was at work almost every day for 8 hours and I hardly had anything to show for it. Pocket change or play money I would call it. It would help us have a little fun or go out to eat here and there but, that was it.

My husband had about 12 years in the military at this point and we were starting to think about long term. My kids were getting older and eventually he would be retiring and we would need a plan. My job for pennies by the hour wasn’t going to cut in long term. I starting thinking about what could I do and again I was back at where I started. I had no degree and no real experience and I sat there defeated once again.

Why was this so difficult? I was angry that there weren’t more options in the employment world for stay at home moms. I was mad and felt that I didn’t really have any options. I was angry at MLMs and their home parties that I avoided them like the plague. I was angry I had put us into debt with my countless attempts to make my businesses work. I felt I had let my husband and family down because there wasn’t more I could do to make money. I was in a low place. I decided to take my chances and go back to school and get my degree. It was really the only option I saw available to me, that is until I found Beachbody. Yes, I know I said I was done with home based businesses, I had sworn them off for good, so you know something must have caught my eye. And it truly did.

We recently moved to rural Maine and when I saw rural I mean it. The nearest Walmart is an hour away. How is that even possible? I needed a place to keep up with my workouts and weight loss that I had started while working at the fitness facility. There was none to be found so my basement was going to be the best I could do. I had a friend of mine posting on Facebook for months about her home based fitness programs, shakes and how they helped her. I decided to take a look at it and I was impressed with all it had to offer someone like me – a spouse in the middle of nowhere plus they offered a military discount. Awesomeness! I bought my first program that day and was excited to be able to continue my fitness journey from home. We had moved to the end of the earth but, I had found a way! Victory was mine at this point! A small victory but, in a place where we were transferred with only 1300 people it was HUGE!

My package came and I was excited to get started. I loved how simple it was, the only way I could fail was to just not do it. I was impressed at how everything was laid out in black and white. Follow the eating plan, drink the shakes, follow the weekly workout calendar and check in with your coach in a challenge group. Easy enough right? I followed the directions and low and behold I dropped 20 pounds and 20 inches in a matter of a weeks. WHOA!!!! I never expected that to happen but it did! I started to share with friends and family because it was a product I believed in and one where I actually saw personal results. I signed a few people up and few weeks later a check arrived at my door. Great, I thought, a few dollars’ commission, that’s nice, however when I opened it I was shocked at the amount. I honestly thought they made a mistake. I became intrigued and contacted my coach that was helping me to look into this business a bit further. I had stipulations and I wasn’t budging on them. I refused to buy inventory, I refused to do parties, I refused to be a sleazy salesman and I refused to pay for a website, leads or anything else other than what I was paying to use for me, myself and I. I was sure there was going to be a catch- somewhere. NOPE, not even one! I was shocked when all of my demands were met. My mind was blown out of the water. This company loves the military so much they don’t charge them a business fee, no inventory, no cold calls, no parties and completely transfer friendly. I honestly thought I was dreaming. Add all of this good news to the nice chunk of change I received for simply sharing my journey and getting my family and friends healthier, I was bursting at the seams to share it with every Coast Guard spouse and stay at home mom I could!

I know what it feels like to struggle and the want to be healthy, to find a way to work and be there for my kids. Beachbody delivers where other businesses drop the ball and they have completely reversed my negative thoughts on network marketing and home based businesses. If you are a stay a home mom, military spouse, looking to get healthier, need to lose a few pounds or just looking for a business you can believe in look no further. I urge you to run NOT WALK to a Beachbody Coach near you!

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