Emergency Binder

Ever get asked in all the times you have moved looking for a document and you swear you put it in a "safe spot"? Or forgotten which zip code you live in? US TOO!! Add in a high stress time, and you will not find that document.

Coast Guard families are stationed all over the country. We see snowstorms, hurricanes, Nor'easters, tornadoes, flooding and this isn’t even talking about personal emergencies, heaven forbid. Keeping and emergency binder is an important aspect of being prepared. It is the who’s who of your family. It has every pertinent document and plan needed to move in an emergency.

We keep copies of all of these documents in a secondary location to ensure that if something does happen where we are unable to grab, we have someone to hold onto it. We have it at our inlaws’ safe as well as ours. And in an emergency, we just grab the binder from the safe and drop into our go box, which can be found here.

Grab a 2 inch binder or folder to place all of the below documents.


  • Current image of family members

  • Child ID kit, if applicable

  • Birth Certificates

  • Social Security Cards

  • Passports

  • Drivers License

  • Immunization Records

  • Diplomas

  • Religious documentation

  • Medical documents


  • Certificates

  • Medical Documents

  • Enlistment Documents

  • Award write-ups


  • Mortgage account information

  • Bank account information, including debit card numbers

  • Credit card account information, including card numbers

  • 3 Years Income Tax Records

  • Property Tax Statements

  • Investment Documents

  • Stocks Certificate

  • Bonds

  • 401k, mutual funds, TSP summaries

  • Pension Plan information

  • Certificate of Deposits

  • Credit Reports


  • Keys – Home, Cars, Safes, Business, Mailbox, etc..

  • Titles

  • Deeds

  • Appraisals

  • Inventory list

  • Utility Bill for proof of residency

  • Address history documents


  • Marriage certificates

  • Divorce records

  • Prenuptial/ Post nuptial

  • Child custody agreements

  • Adoption Papers

  • Will

  • Trust and amendments

  • Contact information involved within the Will

  • Living Will

  • Power of Attorney


  • ID cards

  • Policy summary

  • Vehicle Registration documents

  • Homeowners Registration documents


  • Photos (Including CDs)

  • Recent and Old photos printed

  • Cash

  • Maps of local area

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