Coast Guard Acronyms and Abbreviations Definitions

This crazy world we live in is full of acronyms. It seems that everyone nowadays has an Acronym for everything, especially in the military. Sometimes it is really hard to follow a conversation if you do not know what is being said.

We have compiled a list of the most used acronyms in the Coast Guard. We hope this list helps you as much as it has helped us. Download your copy HERE.

"A" School: School where enlisted member goes to receive basic technical training for their rate

"C" School: School member attends to receive advanced technical training

BAH: Basic Allowance for Housing

BAS: Basic Allowance for Subsistence (food)

Bow: The front of the ship

Bridge: Ship location to drive ship

Bulkheads: Walls

CAPTAIN'S MAST: Non-judicial punishment used as an alternative to a court-martial

CG PORTAL: Coast Guard intranet site accessible by the military member

Chit: A document requesting leave etc., needing to be approved

CO: Commanding Officer

COLA: Cost of Living Allowance

Colors: Observe the raising and lowering of flag at sunrise and sunset

Commandant: Head of the United States Coast Guard

CONUS: Continental United States

Crews quarters/ Berthing: Enlisted living area

Decks: floors

DEERS: Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System

DLA: Dislocation Allowance

Duty: Standing

Forecastle/"F'oc'sle": upper deck of ship forward of the foremast, or the forward part of a ship with the sailors' living quarters

FSA: Family Separation Allowance

GEO, "geo-bach": Geographic bachelor, When active member who moves to duty station unaccompanied by choice

Head: Bathroom Leave: Time off, similar to vacation

LES: Leave and Earnings Statement

Liberty: Time off from the work day

Messdeck: cafeteria

Moor: Secure ship to the pier

OCONUS: Outside Continental United States

Ombudsman: Volunteer/Liaison between Command and Coast Guard Families

OOD: Officer of the Deck/ Officer on Duty/ Officer of the Day

OPS: Operations Officer

PCS: Permanent Change of Station

Pier: Location where ship is moored

Pipe: Announcing over intercom

Port: The left side of the ship

Quarterdeck: Location where members stand watch, location to request to embark or disembark the vessel

Rack: Bed

Rank: Grade or official standing of a military member

Rate: Job classification with the Coast Guard such as Damage Controlman (DC)

Scuttlebutt: water fountain

SGLI: Service Memebr's Group Life Insurance

Starboard: The right side of ship

Staterooms: Officers Quarters

Stern: The back of the ship

TAD: Temporary Assigned Duty

TDY: Temporary Duty

The cabin: The Captains Quarters

TLA: Temporary Living Allowance

TLE: Temporary Living Expense

TSP: Thrift Savings Plan

UCMJ: Uniform Code of Military Justice: The penal code of the military which applies to all service members regardless of rank or branch of service

Wardroom : Officer room for eating

XO: Executive Officer

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